Design Review Board

The Tribe is seeking interested candidates to fill one of three openings on the Design Review Board:

  1. At least two outside business experts or independent directors, each a professional in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, land use/community planning, or an allied profession. Independent Directors are preferably Tribal Citizens. However, the Tribal Council may fill the seats by non-citizen staff or subcontractors if necessary.
  2. One Tribal Citizen member, with a demonstrated interest in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, land use/community planning, or allied profession.

Tribal Council passed the Design Review Board Ordinance on November 16, 2023.  The purpose of this law is to create the Design Review Board to provide guidance on implementing the Gun Lake Tribe’s Pattern Book and placement efforts for the Economic Development Area (a/k/a Economic Corridor). The Board will review development plans and ensure that they comply with the intent of the Pattern Book. The Board may also direct developers to other Tribal ordinances and requirements that regulate development in the Economic Development Area.

Interested individuals must meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit a resume that supports a demonstrated interest or experience with architecture, engineering, land use, community planning or any related profession.  Tribal Council may also consider a candidate’s education, background or any prior government experience at the Federal, Tribal, State or local level. When submitting the resume, please be clear in the email or in the cover letter about which position you are interested in serving.
  2. Provide three references on the resume for verifying education or experience and fitness of character.
  3. Sign a confidentiality agreement with the Tribe.
  4. These requirements are not necessary for Tribal Council members that the Tribal Council determines to appoint to the DRB.

The Tribal Council shall select the Board members and set the term of each appointee, which shall not exceed a term of three (3) years. The Tribal Council shall initially assign three (3) Board members to three (3) year terms and two (2) Board members to two (2) year terms. The Tribal Council shall thereafter appoint the Board members and assign three (3) year terms to the appointees. Each Board member shall hold office until Tribal Council appoints the Board member’s successor; provided, however, that the board terms of the Tribal Council members shall always be contingent on the Tribal Council member being a duly elected member on the Tribal Council. Given the nature of the Board’s purpose, the Tribe shall encourage continuity in membership. Board members will automatically vacate their seat if they no longer meet the criteria under which Tribal Council appointment them or if Tribal Council removes the Board member with or without cause.

Appropriate compensation for participation on the DRB shall be consistent with the Tribal Council’s practice for other comparable boards or commissions and may include a fixed monthly stipend or per meeting stipend.

Interested individuals should submit a resume with references, not later than January 9, 2024 to:

Catherine Adsitt, Director of Land Use, Planning & Development