About Grants, Planning & Management 

The Department of Grants, Planning and Management provides practical and administrative assistance in the form of research, assessment and technical support, in three distinct, but interrelated areas - Planning, Proposals and Grant and Contract Management, which focuses on risk mitigation through monitoring activities.

Strategic Planning

The Grants, Planning & Management Department facilitates integrated planning, including government-wide strategic planning and annual action plans. The department also assists with surveys and assessments. As needed and approved, staff support single department and system specific strategic planning. To view the 2018 Annual Plans for each department, Tribal Citizens can log on to their account here

Project and Program Development 

Grants, Planning & Management facilitates proposal development in the following ways: research, timeline, project scope and budget development. Staff are available to assist with writing and editing, completing mandatory forms, creating templates (i.e., support letters) and drafting job descriptions. Department staff serve as a liaison with funders and steward funder relationships. We also have proposal review capabilities.

Grant and Contract Management 

The purpose of contract management is to support project success through the following: provision of oversight, identification of areas of risk, provide recommendations to mitigate areas of risk, compliance reviews and periodic internal audits intended to provide supportive and constructive feedback to program staff. Contract management activities are conducted in coordination with and in partnership with Tribal Leadership, Tribal Administration, Finance and program departments.

Grants, Planning & Management Staff

Madeline Veneberg, Grants, Planning & Management Director
Hannah Barnes, Assistant Grant Writer & Planner

Contact Grants, Planning & Management

(269) 397-1780

2872 Mission Dr. 
Shelbyville, MI 49344