NAGPRA & MACPRA Representative and Alternate Positions Open 

Gun Lake Tribe is seeking two Tribal Citizens to serve as the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) & Michigan Anishinabek Cultural Preservation & Repatriation Alliance (MACPRA) Representative and Alternate. Please see below for more information about NAGPRA and MACPRA.

If you are interested in the Representative or Alternate position, please submit a letter of interest by December 11 to:  

MBPI Tribal Historic Preservation Office
2872 Mission Dr.
Shelbyville, MI 49344

There are two openings available; one position as the Representative and the other position as the Alternate. Both of the positions will serve two-year terms. The NAGPRA/MACPRA Representative and Alternate positions work in collaboration with the Tribal Historic Preservation Office to ensure the preservation, protection, curation and management of ancestors, sacred objects, archives, archaeological sites and historic and traditional cultural properties (TCPs) significant to the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians.  

The NAGPRA/MACPRA Representative and Alternate positions participate in quarterly and special MACPRA meetings and NAGPRA consultations with museums, universities and other Federal agencies and institutions to repatriate Neshnabék ancestors, funerary objects, sacred objects and objects of cultural patrimony to their lineal descendants and affiliated Tribes.  

About Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) 

NAGPRA requires federal agencies and museums, universities/colleges, and other institutions that receive federal funding to identify and inventory Native American cultural items under their control. NAGPRA established a process for lineal descendants, Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian Organizations to request that cultural items be repatriated. To review the full text of the NAGPRA, please visit

About Michigan Anishinabek Cultural Preservation & Repatriation Alliance (MACPRA)

Mission Statement: We, the nations represented by the Michigan Anishinaabek Cultural Protection and Repatriation Alliance (MACPRA) Committee, thankful to the Creator for our sovereign freedom, in order to re-bury ancestors that have been removed from their resting places and are known to us, to bring home to rest all the remaining ancestors who have been taken out of their aboriginal homelands and lands known today within the state of Michigan, to defend and protect all indigenous graves; to protect and defend all traditional cultural properties, and to unify ourselves in the pursuit of these goals.

MACPRA consists of twelve federally recognized Indian Tribes and two state historic Tribes from the State of Michigan. Each Tribe has a designee that represents their Tribe. The goal of the Alliance is to protect and preserve of Anishinaabek cultural resources—past, present, and future. MACPRA was established in 2000 by consensus agreement signed by all Michigan Tribes, hereby authorizing MACPRA to speak on protection and repatriation issues of interest to all signatory Tribes.

For further information, please see MACPRA’s website>>


The NAGPRA/MACPRA positions were formed to advance the protection and preservation of all cultural resources on lands within our tribal ancestral and historic territories as well as assist with expanding knowledge regarding NAGPRA. The MACPRA/NAGPRA representative consults and helps facilitate the repatriation process for museums and Federal agencies to return Native American cultural items to their lineal descendants and affiliated tribes.

  • Sydney Martin, NAGPRA/MACPRA Representative
  • Punkin Shananaquet, NAGPRA/MACPRA Alternate Representative
  • Lakota Pochedley, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

Contact Information 

PHONE: 269.397.1780


2872 Mission Dr.
Shelbyville, MI 49344