About Elder Services

Elder Services proudly assists our Tribal Citizens 50 years and older. We provide a place for elders to always feel welcome and assist them in any way we can.

Elder Services has a committee made up of five Tribal Elders. The committee meets once a month.  All Elders are welcome to attend the Elder Committee Meetings.

Our Elders regularly travel to the Michigan Indian Elders Association meetings, which take place three times each year. They are every April, July, and October. The Elders also travel together on one large, leisurely trip per year. Spouses are welcome to attend as well at their own expense.

Throughout every month the department hosts Elder lunches, craft social, movie, talking circle, language class, shishibe (bingo), and other Elder events. We also have various dinner events each year - Spring dinner, Summer picnic, Harvest feast and Holiday party. The tribe has an Elder exclusive Facebook group that they can join to stay up to date on various tribal information and to share with one another.  

*Elder events and other programming have transitioned to virtual events or are on pause because of the COVID -19 pandemic. Our lunches are now being provided as a drive thru style event. Watch for event updates in the Tribal Tribune.

Elder Services Staff

Jen Palmer, Elder Services Coordinator
WaSinade Raphael, Elder Services Assistant

Contact Elder Services 

OFFICE: 269.397.1780
JEN CELL: 616.644.6239
WASINADE CELL: 269.509.6541
2872 Mission Dr. 
Shelbyville, MI 49344