Earth Day Celebration

To celebrate Earth Day every year, the Tribe hosts an outreach event filled with activities, such as planting trees and other native plants, gardening, clean ups, crafts and more, to give the community an opportunity to gather together to love Grandmother Earth. The Earth Day Celebration takes place in mid-April each year. 









Annual John Bush Memorial Fishing Contest

The Fishing Contest is an opportunity for Tribal families and friends (accompanied by a Gun Lake Tribal Citizen) and Government staff to enjoy the day fishing on Boot Lake. Prize competitions include youth (under 16) and adult. Each group weighs-in their heaviest bass (must be at least 14”) and the highest total weight of five panfish. Participants fish from boats (no gas motors) or from the fishing platform at Allie’s Landing. Taking place in early June each year, the annual John Bush Memorial Fishing Contest is the perfect kick-off for the summer season!








Jijak Youth Camp 

Jijak Youth Camp serves our Tribal community by strengthening our young people's bond to cultural traditions, engaging youth in nature and forging lifelong friendships based on the rich history and living traditions of the Gun Lake Tribe. Jijak Youth Camp is open to Tribal youth ages 5-17. Winter camp takes place in January or February each year and summer camp takes place during the last full week of June. 

Environmental Speaker Series

The Environmental Speaker Series provides learning opportunities for our community twice a year related to the health of our environment and natural resources. 

Kalamazoo River Voyage

The Kalamazoo River Voyage is an annual guided canoe trip highlighting cultural and environmental points of interest for youth ages 12-20 down the Kalamazoo River. 









Lake Sturgeon Release Celebration

The Tribe and partners celebrate the successful rearing of Kalamazoo River nmé (lake sturgeon) from egg or larvae to juvenile fish by inviting the public to help release the fish back into the river. The event includes educational booths, food, ceremony and a focus on increasing nmé awareness and appreciation. The Lake Sturgeon Release Celebration typically takes place at the end of August - beginning of September, depending on when the nmé are ready. 




Mnomen Harvest & Restoration

A community mnomen (wild rice) harvest is offered in mid-September to early-October when the mnomen is ready to harvest. Mnomen is collected from healthy beds and is used to reseed local rice beds. This event is open to the Gun Lake Tribal community. 

Hunter Sight-In Night 

A hunter sight-in night is offered prior to the Michigan deer hunting season in the fall. Individuals can bring their firearm or archery equipment to the range to sight-in their equipment. 

Electronic Waste Collection (Public) 

Electronic waste (E-Waste) can often be refurbished or recycled and yet, it often is disposed of in local landfills. Electronics can contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium. These toxins are then leaked into our soil and groundwater when disposed of in landfills. That is why the Tribe offers E-Waste events twice per year to the local community! The Gun Lake Tribe covers all applicable recycling fees in part through the EPA Performance Partnership Grant. 






Tire Recycling

Scrap tires often take up space in landfills, are stockpiled or illegally dumped. These tires provide breeding grounds for mosquitos and rodents when they can be collected for reuse and recycling efforts. A tire recycling event is offered once per year that is open to the public. A maximum of ten tires per household is allowed for drop off (no tractor tires).