Tribal Gaming Authority Mission 

To utilize Tribal Governmental gaming as an economic tool to expand the goals and services to the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians’ Tribal Membership.

Tribal Gaming Authority Vision 

To explore and pursue gaming and non-gaming economic development opportunities to diversify and strengthen the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians’ Tribal assets that provides more jobs and economic impact to the local community.

Tribal Gaming Authority Duties

The Gun Lake Tribal Gaming Authority was created by Tribal Council ordinance on February 10, 2010. The Authority is a wholly-owned, unincorporated enterprise of the Tribe. The Authority’s purpose is to own and operate the gaming enterprise, own and manage all tangible and intangible assets of the enterprise, to be a party to financing and project documents and ensure compliance with all obligations separate from the Tribal Government.

A seven-member Board of Directors, who are also the currently elected Tribal Council, governs the Authority. Executive officers include the positions of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each board member holds the same executive office on the Authority Board that they hold on Tribal Council. Board members are elected to staggered four-year terms to ensure stability. Bi-weekly meetings are held between the Authority Board, staff and casino management team to update the board on casino matters.

The Authority team consists John Shagonaby, Chief Executive Officer; Angie Pigeon, Director of Development; and Marilyn Schmidt, Executive Assistant. These positions are employees of the Gun Lake Tribal Government. The Authority team reports to the Authority Board and the Tribal Council. One of the primary duties of the staff is acting as a liaison between the casino management team and the board of directors. At the direction of the Authority Board, the Authority staff work on various specialized projects including master planning, strategic planning, numerous construction phases and casino expansions. Using the strategic plan and Authority Board goals as a guide, the Authority strives to represent Tribal interests on various committees and boards. The Authority office also works with consultants and attorneys on various tasks such as financing, audits, casino contracts, ordinances, local agreements, taxes and other duties when necessary.

Statement of Need

To stay competitive, the Authority needs to be aware of and stay apprised of all economic, competitive and political activities that may affect business levels of the Gun Lake Casino.

Tribal Gaming Authority Staff

John Shagonaby, Chief Executive Officer
Angie Pigeon, Director of Development
Marilyn Schmidt, Executive Assistant

Contact the Tribal Gaming Authority

(269) 792-7742

PO Box 147 
Bradley, MI 49311