The Language & Culture Department has limited scholarship funds available to assist Tribal Citizens (and their families) with unmet costs associated with attending Bodewadmi/Anishinaabe (Three Fires) Tribally-Sponsored language conferences and cultural workshops. Unmet costs include those costs that have not already been paid for by the Tribeor a Tribal Department. Cultural Workshops will be defined as those Tribally-sponsored workshops in which you are learning a particular skill, art or craft (not pow wows, round dances or social events).

These funds will be made available on a first come, first served basis, as a reimbursement of $250 maximum per person per year. If funds are available and proper forms are submitted, reimbursements will be mailed to applicants.

To qualify for these funds the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a Gun Lake Tribal Citizen or a direct family member of a Tribal Citizen (spouse, daughter, son, parent of a Tribal Citizen)
  2. Have attended a minimum of 5 Bodewadmi language classes and/or Cultural workshops in the past year (Gun Lake or other Bodewadmi Tribal language/cultural workshops are acceptable). Proof of attendance required. If you attended Gun Lake Tribe Language Classes or programs we will have proof on file (sign in sheets). If your attendance is with another Bodewadmi Tribe’s language or cultural workshops, an email from their Director/Coordinator of the other tribal program stating you have attended at least 5 classes or workshops is acceptable proof.
  3. Submit the following within 30 days of workshop or conference:
  • An application for reimbursement which includes:
    • A paragraph describing the conference and why it was valuable to you
    • Receipts for reimbursement (hotel, conference/workshop fees, and fuel are acceptable)
    • Proof of attendance to language conference or Bodewadmi/Anishinaabe Tribally-sponsored cultural workshop

Note: Proof of attendance can be anything that proves that you attended (name badge, a paper from the conference, picture of sign in sheet, copy of registration or email from Tribal Department Director/Coordinator of evet)

Language & Culture Scholarship Application 

Please submit the required information by mail to:

Gun Lake Tribe
Language & Culture Department
Attn: Heather Bush
2872 Mission Drive
Shelbyville, MI 49344

Or by email to: