Housing Improvement

Tribally Funded

Housing Improvement Application Checklist 

Housing Improvement Application

The Housing Improvement Program provides financial support, up to $10,000, to apply toward home repairs in order to create a safe and healthy housing environment.  Improvements are prioritized to address repairs in order of importance; emergent, health & safety, major mechanicals, special needs, weatherization, energy efficiency and minor repairs. 

Benefit: Provides financial support, up to $10,000 to apply towards home repair in order to create a safe and healthy housing environment.

Structure: The applicant will submit a list of desired improvements they would like to perform on their primary residence. Once received, funds will be allocated based upon the priorities determined by the Housing Committee. Priority will be placed on improvements that affect the overall safety and soundness of the home.

The projects will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Emergent Home Improvement Needs (applicable to Grant Funded applicants only)
  2. Lead, Asbestos and Radon Abatement Needs (if applicable)
  3. Major General Building
  4. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
  5. Special Needs Modifications
  6. Weatherization
  7. Energy Efficiency or Green Project
  8. Minor General Building and Other

Program Requirements

  • Applicants must be a Gun Lake Tribal Citizen.
  • The home must be owned by the Applicant and be the primary residence for the Tribal Citizen.
  • Home must be located within the five-county Service Area or otherwise approved by the Housing Committee.
  • Provide proof of homeowners insurance, show that mortgage payments are current and that property taxes are paid in full.

Water & Sewer Sanitation Improvement

Benefit: Provides the opportunity to i) replace outdated or malfunctioning well, septic, municipal water or sewer system, or ii) install new systems in newly built homes.

Structure: Once the applicant has received the necessary permits, has submitted the required documents and approval has been given, the Citizen Asset Management Department will work with IHS to perform the required work.

Program Requirements

  • Must be a Gun Lake Tribal Citizen
  • Reside in the five-county service area
  • One-time use
  • Property must be titled in Applicant’s name and be owned on fee simple land
  • Must be primary residence of the Applicant
  • Property must successfully pass an Environmental Review
  • Applicant will acquire the necessary permits and other documentation necessary
  • Solicit a minimum of three project bids